Working at a bar ain’t too bad…

“Do  you like how tight I am round your cock?” she asked as she lowered herself down onto it, and I could only gasp in reply, knowing she knew the answer already.

My face was flushed as her naked body pinned mine to the bar table, the sign on the door only moments ago turned to “closed”, and I was already getting my first taste of what working there would be like as the boss enveloped my cock totally.

I grunted, pre coating her insides as she whispered in my ear..”I do love a nice blow job after a hard night at the pumps…..”. My expression changed to one of puzzlement, as I started to say..”But, this isn’t a blo… ”

My words were cut off by her leaning to the side a little, her hand gripping my hair, pushing my head down as her other guided her thick cock into my talking, open mouth, shutting me up in one swift move.

I could do nothing but moan and whimper from then on as she rocked her pelvis, pushing up into my mouth, and then down onto my cock, using my body to get herself off till eventually my mouth was filled with her sticky load, the flavour coating my taste buds as I gulped it down, then she lifted off my cock and took hers away before my orgasm had reached it’s tipping point.

My mouth still moved a little as though I was sucking her, making me look a little a fish, my cock was dripping pre all down my shaft and balls, I tilted my head up to look at her as she stood there, my eyes asking why she got off my cock, and was met by just a few words, letting me know my place within my new workplace.

“Trainee bartenders don’t get to cum unless I allow it..and you don’t want to break my rules…” .. she held a cock shaped cage up, slightly smaller than I was when soft unless it was a cold day, and looked at me..”Though it would be fun trying to get you squeezed into this…”


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