You never know which way things are gonna go…

I just goes to show, you never know which way things are gonna go…

I was on a night out with Katina and Candy, we were enjoying ourselves, and then I missed the last train back, so the girls said I could stay in their hotel room… I jumped at the chance as we’d been flirting all night, and I rather liked the idea of them both giving me a little cock worship before bed… how wrong was I….

The moment we got there, they ripped my clothes off and pushed me onto the bed, pinning me there in turn as each of them put their strap-on on, then they used me as a cock sleeve, only these cocks never got soft, and never tired… I remember the birds singing in the morning and they were still at me, taking turns on each end, wetting he latex dildo in my mouth, before fucking my bum like sex crazed harpies…

I came to when the maid came in to fix the room, she found me laying there in a pool of my own cum, the bedding dark as it was soaked, the strap-ons still inside me with the fasteners reversed round my head and waist to hold them in place, and my wrists and ankles handcuffed……she took one look at me and then locked the door… but that is a different story….



unexpected-nightcap-01 unexpected-nightcap-02 unexpected-nightcap-03 unexpected-nightcap-04 unexpected-nightcap-05 unexpected-nightcap-06 unexpected-nightcap-07 unexpected-nightcap-08


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