It’s official, three is a crowd…..

That’s right, you heard it here first, I proved it…

Three is a crowd when you’re in a toilet cubical, and there is no refuting it…

Here is my scientific evidence, that proved we just had to to take it outside….


I feel sorry for the guy that walked in on us, dropped his shopping, then ran away… though we did get a free lunch out of it 🙂


three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-01 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-02 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-03 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-04 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-05 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-06 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-07 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-08 three-just-wont-fit-in-a-stall-09


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