Sometimes, all that gambling pays off…..

You know what it’s like, you play the machine, you get a common, then another, then you get the first one again and throw your hands up in the air… yuppers, talking about gacha here, if you hadn’t guessed already 🙂

Then suddenly, out pops a rare, you jump around, smiling, rush off to open it, put it on, and then shrug, wondering why the fuck was this a rare, the commons are loads better.

But, every now and again, some stores really push the boat out with the rares, and make em worth all that struggle and head bashing against the machine when you get common #5 for the 7th time.

This time it’s the Reign machine at the September round of The Arcade….

They looked so dull on the pics, being honest, all in black, but then when you open them up and they have matching HUD’s, with sooo many colours, and you can set each shoe individually too… it just lets you make sooo many looks, and looks, there’s me in some off them!







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